About IPG
Infrastructure Proving Grounds

Infrastructure Proving Grounds (IPG) produces the award-winning GearBox IoT security tool.  GearBox combines a durable appliance with simple execution to allow industrial operators the insight they need to secure their infrastructure.  GearBox provides cybersecurity and performance metrics to some of the nation’s most critical infrastructure including utilities, commercial buildings, healthcare and transportation.  IPG received the “Most Fundable Company”  award from Pepperdine University in 2019, are contributors to the NIST IoT 800-53 security standard and an Intel IoT Solutions Provider.  

IPG Team accepts “Most Fundable Company” award from Pepperdine University.

IPG Team

IPG Team from Left to Right:
Alan Penzotti, Stacey Glasgow, Chad Zerangue, Steve Kiss and Blaise Pabon