Hospitals & Health Care Facilities

GearBoxTM is easy to use and built for your environment.

GearBox supports patients, staff, and physicians by securing and ensuring reliability in infrastructure.  Whether GearBox works in direct support of patient monitoring devices, informatics or facilities, it helps provide the security needed in a highly monitored environment.  As automation, AI, and IoT devices converge, healthcare is one place where having an appliance on-site makes tremendous sense. Just a few examples:

  • Comply with Joint Commission’s evolving standards around vulnerability assessment.
  • New building project, system, or construction validation.  Confirm that contractors are meeting installation requirements and specifications.  Did the passwords get reset, are the devices on the network correctly, what code version loaded, is the HVAC return air system separated from patient billing systems.
  • Support patient care and ancillary services ensuring devices are secure and reliable.

GearBox is used to scan for vulnerabilities and evaluate network performance.  The simple to use tool allows the user to review reports and easily generate and resolve trouble tickets.