Building Management

GearBoxTM is easy to use and built for your environment.

GearBox is used in the commercial building sector to validate base building systems.  Tenants are now looking for smart building technologies to increase building efficiency and provide new technology.  Supporting customer retention and ensuring security becomes part of the calculus for property management.

GearBox is used by building management to:

  • Validate and commission new buildings and projects
  • Provide repetitive vulnerability scans for operators
  • Run inventory scans to verify and support of asset sales


GearBox is an affordable way to measure the value of building subsystems- just plug-in and go.  Subsystems GearBox has validated in the commercial building space include:

  • Building Management
    • HVAC
    • Dampers
    • Heat Pumps
    • Site Electrical
  • Structural
    • Flood Pump
    • Snow Melt
    • Lightning Arresting
    • Pulse Notification
  • Fire Life Safety (networked)
    • Fire Control System
    • Control Boards
    • Command Stations
    • Public Address
  • Access Control
    • Card
    • Door
    • Station
  • Visitor System
  • Lighting Control
    • Interior Light Control
    • Building Exterior Lighting
  • Video Surveillance
    • Camera
    • DVR
    • Analytics
  • Collaboration
    • Conference Registration
    • Audio Visual
    • Public Internet
  • Utilities
    • CT electrical
    • Freshwater
    • Sewer
  • Conveyance
    • Turnstiles
    • Elevator Control

GearBox scans for vulnerabilities and evaluates network performance.  The simple to use browser allows staff and management to review reports and create trouble tickets.